aviation: Vienna: Ryanair puts 14 baggage drop machines into operation

aviation Vienna Ryanair puts 14 baggage drop machines into operation


These 14 self-service kiosks complement Ryanair’s 12 baggage drop counters and expand baggage handling at Vienna Airport, reducing the average waiting time for new passengers to check bags to less than 2 minutes. Not only do they ensure quick and easy baggage check-in for Ryanair customers, but they also underscore Ryanair’s commitment to continually improving the customer experience.

« With the start of the summer holidays on Friday, Ryanair is pleased to expand the already extensive baggage check-in facilities at Vienna Airport with the introduction of these 14 new self-service kiosks. » Airline No. 1 – Ryanair – guaranteed. Austrian customers and their families can now make the most of the summer holidays by enjoying one of the cheap Ryanair flights from Vienna Airport to Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Faro, Malta, Naples, Santander, Palma, Zadar or Zakynthos without worrying about to look forward to long queues « Having to think about checking in baggage properly, » says Andreas Gruber from Ryanair.

The carrier is used annually by around 5.5 million passengers traveling to/from Vienna. It currently offers around 800 flights per week to 75 destinations. Airport Director Julian Jäger: « Ryanair and Vienna Airport are launching a new self-service offer for easy luggage check-in right on time for the start of the holiday season. » .

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Author: Alain MICHEL