aviation: September 2023: Lower Austria with an increase in overnight stays

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The beautiful start of autumn brings a “summer high” for tourism in Lower Austria: 759,300 overnight stays were booked in September alone, which is 7.7 percent more than in the previous year. The number of overnight stays by guests from Germany (plus 5.2 percent) and from abroad (plus 12.4 percent) increased in September.

What is particularly pleasing is the fact that the number of overnight stays even exceeds the pre-crisis level of 2019 (739,989 overnight stays). This suggests good figures for the entire summer season. State Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner is pleased: “Traditionally, the summer holidays are among the months with the highest number of overnight stays. This year, the warm September successfully extended the summer season: almost 760,000 overnight stays were recorded in our state, which is a nice increase of 7.7 percent compared to September 2022 and even higher than in September 2019, our most successful tourism year ever. These summer peaks also last for the entire summer tourist season (May to October) and good numbers are expected: From May to September we are at a strong 8.8 percent more than last year, which is almost four million nights since May.

According to the first projection by Statistics Austria, 5,814,100 overnight stays have been recorded in Lower Austria since the beginning of the year, an increase of 13.4 percent compared to the previous year. Overnight stays by guests from within the country increased (plus 8.1 percent), but also those from abroad (24.5 percent). « Wonderful! “Lower Austrian tourism is celebrating an extremely successful comeback despite the current difficult conditions,” said Mikl-Leitner. “Almost a quarter more foreign guests than in the previous year and a nice increase of over eight percent in domestic overnight stays prove how beautiful and worth experiencing Lower Austria is, and how well the offers are received by the guests.” Only 3.4 percent train These overnight stay figures are from the comparable period of 2019, the previous record year in Lower Austria’s tourism history.

Michael Shower, Managing Director of Lower Austria Advertising, emphasizes: “Nature experiences and relaxation, hiking and cycling naturally also score points with our guests in autumn, and this September was ideal for all of these projects.” In addition, there are the many high-quality cultural events that are worth visiting anyway Worth it in any weather, and the legendary wine autumn Nieve accounts are convincing.

In Lower Austria, where the autumn holidays began yesterday, there are more than enough options for holiday guests who closed late or for everyone who only has time for one or more excursions. Whether a short holiday in Helenental or a hike with “Stories from the Vienna Woods”, a three-day “Animal Experience in the Waldviertel” or a visit to the “Waldviertler Craft Week(s)”, there are attractive offers for guests young and old. An enjoyable time out for two is promised by fun in the children’s water world. For example, the Weinviertel, in the Vienna Alps could be a 3-day Lugur and family adventure with a duck, in the Mostviertel a « wild wonder » short holiday in the middle of nature or a gourmet holiday , where “Everything (about the) pear” revolves. In the Danube region, children can experience spooky fun around Halloween at Schloss Hof or in theschlossORTH National Park Center. For older holiday guests, for example, an autumnal hike on the Wachau World Heritage Trail is ideal for “mountain fans and wine lovers”.

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Author: Alain MICHEL