aviation: Indian: Etihad-A321 must have landed back in Indian

aviation Indian Etihad A321 must have landed back in Indian


Due to technical problems, Etihad Airways had to cancel scheduled flight EY237 from Bengaluru to Abu Dhabi on Sunday and land back. The Airbus A321 with the registration A6-AEI was used.

The Gulf carrier did not provide any information on the exact cause of the return landing. However, it is expressly ruled out that there was a problem with the cabin pressure. According to reports, the pilots of the flight became aware of a technical malfunction a few minutes after takeoff and informed air traffic control of the situation. The plane circled for a few minutes before landing at around 10:00 p.m.

The disruption may have been initially assessed as serious as the captain made the decision expected to go to Bengaluru. A technical check was then carried out there and at 1:46 am local time the A6-AEI took off again. About 200 passengers are said to have been on board.

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